Social Security Benefits: 5 Things Married Couples Should Know

February 22nd, 2022 | 11:30 a.m. CST


Social Security benefits are an important source of income for many couples. Unfortunately, the rules surrounding those benefits are incredibly complicated, making it difficult to determine who should claim what benefit when and how much the couple will actually receive.

This workshop will aim to demystify some of the complexity surrounding Social Security benefits and help couples make informed decisions by exploring five things married couples should know about benefits. Topics we will cover include:

  1. Why Social Security requires higher-earning couples to save more to maintain their lifestyle throughout retirement
  2. The basics of spousal benefits and what couples should consider
  3. Why the higher-earning spouse should generally plan with the second spouse’s lifespan in mind
  4. How working in retirement can affect a couple’s benefits
  5. Understanding the family maximum rule and how it can reduce certain benefits
  • Jeffrey Levine, CFP®, CPA, PFS, CWS, AIF  |  Chief Planning Officer

    Jeffrey serves as a technical resource for advisors and the firm’s primary thought leader regarding evidence-based planning concepts and strategies. He excels at distilling complex financial laws and policy into understandable resources. His work at Buckingham gives him the ability to train and educate hundreds of advisors and support them in their pursuit of helping clients fulfill their financial dreams.

  • Don Rochleau, CFP®  |  Director of Client Development

    As the director of client development, Don helps ensure clients and prospective clients have an outstanding experience as they begin their relationship with Buckingham. His collaborative working relationship with Buckingham's diverse, experienced wealth advisory teams enables him to help prospective clients find the ideal fit based on their unique goals and circumstances.

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