Retirement Plan Sponsors

Serving as your relentless advocate

We understand how important your business is to you and how an engaged workforce matters. As your Retirement Plan Advisor, we will always act in your best interest; delivering transparency, simplicity and relevant education with a shared goal to increase the retirement readiness of your employees.

Shared responsibility.

By sponsoring a retirement plan, you have many important legal duties and obligations as a fiduciary. This includes selecting and monitoring Plan investments However, ERISA allows you to legally delegate this crucial role to an independent manager.

It is called a 3(38) Fiduciary, and Buckingham takes this legal liability off your shoulders - in writing - with every client we serve.


Buckingham believes in a 100% transparent cost structure. Plan sponsors will have the confidence knowing exactly what they are paying and what they are getting in return. We do not believe in hidden fees.

Buckingham provides clients with annual fee benchmarking reports to ensure your fees stay competitive with the marketplace.


Educating your employee isn’t just a top priority – it is our passion; Buckingham is dedicated to enhancing participant outcomes through our education program.

This includes virtual and in-person group meetings complemented by one-on-one employee consultations - focused on a participant’s holistic financial wellness (not just savings rate and investment choice)

A 401(k) Plan can seem overwhelming and confusing. We help clarify the complex, making it easier for your employees to build confidence and make informed decisions.

Consultative approach.

Buckingham wants to ensure the design of the Plan is functioning optimally; we will analyze the current plan features and funding structure to see if there is a better way to design it to meet your unique goals and needs; does the Plan offer the features that are most relevant and important to you?

As your advisor, we keep plan design top-of-mind to ensure it always aligns with your company’s goals and objectives.


At Buckingham, we believe markets are efficient and returns are best achieved by investing in funds that are built to capture the returns of each asset class at the lowest cost.

We believe an investment menu should be crafted with the backing of decades of academic research.

We believe the investments offered should be clear, appropriately diversified and contain risk-based and/or age-based options.

You can't get good answers without good questions.

And we like answers.

We get it…considering a change in providers is not something you get excited about; the process can seem arduous at best and daunting at worst.

At Buckingham, we take a very hands-on approach and have a proven transition process. We will quarterback the process and be with you every step of the way - consulting on plan design, providing employee communications and facilitating with a new recordkeeper third party administrator (TPA).

Whether the fees are high or low, many providers do not have a clear way for participants, committees, and plan sponsors to truly understand what their fees are.

Industry regulations require fees to be disclosed, but these regulatory documents are often confusing and lengthy.

Many providers may claim to be transparent but then leave it to the plan sponsor to decipher all-in costs by translating complicated fee disclosure documents.

The American education system has failed the population when it comes to financial planning and investing. Yet in 401(k) plans, we expect individuals to make two critical decisions that will determine their success - How much to save and what to invest in.

At Buckingham, we are focused on changing behaviors, and that means educating, listening and guiding your employees to a better future.

We want to build relationships with your participants and stand by them on their path toward retirement readiness.

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