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1605 North Convent Street
Bourbonnais, IL 60914

Exterior of a tan financial advisors building located in Bourbonnais

The Buckingham Strategic Wealth team in Bourbonnais earns the trust of its clients by creating holistic wealth management plans driven by their financial goals. We are fiduciaries and fee-only advisors. Which means we adhere to the highest standards of transparency in every aspect of our relationship and never make a decision that isn’t in our clients' best interest. We work with individuals, families, retirement plans and nonprofit organizations to create plans designed to enhance, protect, transfer and donate their wealth in accordance with their values.

The Bourbonnais team has been serving as a trusted advisor since 1998, originally as Solutions for Wealth Management before joining Buckingham in 2016. Because every client is different, we work closely with each one on an individual basis to provide long-term financial solutions. This allows us to ensure that we create the right plan by understanding clients' goals, developing strategies, implementing methods and monitoring progress to help achieve them.

Exterior of a tan financial advisors building located in Bourbonnais

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