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Walnut Creek

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Buckingham Strategic Wealth’s Walnut Creek team specializes in providing holistic wealth management that addresses the distinct needs of medical and dental professionals. We serve as strategic partners that can help every step of the way — from starting to building to transitioning a practice — as our clients plan out a course that gives them the financial freedom to enjoy retirement. By having a comprehensive plan that incorporates both their personal and professional financial needs, our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re on the path toward achieving their most important goals. The Walnut Creek team joined Buckingham in 2018 but has been serving as trusted advisors to clients in the area for more than 20 years. As fiduciaries and fee-only advisors, we receive no commissions, referral fees or expense reimbursements from our recommendations. Our goal is to provide unbiased advice that is based on evidence, rather than emotion, and focused on each client’s specific goals and values.

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