Colorado Springs

Elizabeth Roberts

Associate Wealth Advisor

8580 Scarborough Drive, Suite 145
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Elizabeth Roberts
Elizabeth Roberts

About Elizabeth

As an associate wealth advisor, Elizabeth Roberts is responsible for ensuring each client request is completed as intended. For her, the most rewarding part of her job is taking stressful items of a client’s plate. Knowing not all clients speak the financial world vernacular, Elizabeth invokes empathy and understanding to help them in whatever they need. She’s happy to be the go-between for situations that can quickly become overwhelming for clients.

From an early age, Elizabeth’s dad taught her the importance of being knowledgeable and confident with money. She understands that not all wealth management conversations are easy but believes educating yourself and understanding your finances are vital to achieving your goals. Taking her dad’s lessons to heart, she’s dedicated her education and livelihood to the financial world. She earned bachelor’s degree in personal financial planning and business administration from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She then went on to work as client service associate for a broker dealer before joining Buckingham in 2018.

Away from work, Elizabeth enjoys trying all types of food, though tacos top the list. She loves exploring her neighborhood, traveling, trying new craft breweries or tuning into one of her various streaming platforms. She’s proudly thriving in her millennial lifestyle. The Atlanta, GA native currently resides in Colorado Springs, CO, but travels home often to see her parents.