Lindsey Weber


Associate Wealth Advisor

8555 N. River Road, Suite 410
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Lindsey Weber

Professional Certifications


About Lindsey

As an associate wealth advisor, Lindsey partners with wealth advisors to deliver on Buckingham Strategic Wealth’s promise of true wealth management. Her duties include the monitoring and maintenance of the asset allocation in client portfolios, portfolio rebalancing in line with clients’ Investment Policy Statements, wealth analysis through the use of Monte Carlo simulations, and tax-loss harvesting opportunities.

Lindsey inherently wants to help others and act in the best interest of her clients. She combines this passion with her love of financial planning to help others reach their financial goals through a personal relationship and trusted advice.

The most rewarding aspect of Lindsey’s work is guiding clients toward financial success and the retirement they envision. Even more gratifying is seeing how that guidance ultimately has a lasting impact on clients’ lives and the lives of those around them.

Before joining Buckingham in 2016, Lindsey worked at The Mutual Fund Store where she assisted clients with their investment portfolios. She also previously was a financial planning analyst for Hufford Financial, which is now Buckingham’s Indianapolis office.

Lindsey holds a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University. She also holds the Certified Financial Planner™ professional designation. Lindsey is married to her high school sweetheart, and they have two sons.