Susan Pressley

Office Support Specialist

About Susan

As an office support specialist, Susan Pressley’s days are filled with several responsibilities. Whether she’s scheduling appointments, working with custodians or helping with client files, she’s found her work in the financial world welcoming and rewarding. Although she’s newer to the industry, Susan enjoys her part in the Buckingham process and helping people plan and secure their futures.

Before joining Buckingham in 2020, Susan worked in an entirely different world. After earning her chef and restaurant management degree from SCARTS, a sister school of Le Cordon Bleu, she went on to open a successful restaurant in Central America. She built States Diner from the ground up developing menus, hiring and training staff, and serving as the head chef and owner. She’s also held positions with AAA Tidewater and Kea Inc. She pairs her tenacity with kindness as she’s also missioned to orphaned children in Central America and worked with governments to develop programs to build futures for children aging out of orphanages.

A Puerto Rico native, Susan was primarily raised in Virginia. Outside of Buckingham, she enjoys singing, long drives in the country, fishing, and canoeing and camping in the mountains. She is married with three children, four grandchildren and proudly resides in the ham capital of the world, Smithfield, VA.