November 15, 2021

Where to Save Your Next Available Dollar

Want to gift without guilt this year? Spending tends to increase around the holidays, and it can be easier to embrace those budgetary demands with joy and peace of mind knowing that you have a savings plan and your savings goals have been met. To help tick that box, use this simple infographic to learn which savings vehicle – from company retirement plans and IRAs to HSAs and 529 accounts – should receive your next available dollar and in what order. After all, how effectively you save can be a significant factor in the success of your financial life plan.

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About the Author

Aaron Grey

Managing Director, Experience

Today, and true to his early professional experience, Aaron finds it most rewarding to work with people who feel anxious, fearful or uncertain about their financial lives. He now measures his accomplishments by helping people achieve what he calls financial serenity – a sense of peace, calm and confidence about their futures. For Aaron, that serves as a constant reminder that financial planning is about so much more than money. As the managing director of experience with Buckingham Strategic Wealth, Aaron helps advisors refine and perfect the experience they provide to their clients. Aaron also helps develop, implement, monitor and update wealth management strategies in pursuit of our clients financial goals.