August 03, 2018

Chiara Sockel Renninger Talks Financial Planning and the Power of the Purse

In a recent Q&A with the Reading Eagle, Wealth Advisor Chiara Sockel Renninger tackles everything from what's rewarding about her work as a fiduciary financial planner at Buckingham to basketball and her decision to found Berks County's woman-focused Power of the Purse fund.

"The main reason we chose the Power of the Purse is because when you look at the Reading area, there are a lot of women in poverty, and we wanted to help them break that cycle," she says. "We decided the way to do that is help them support themselves. Removing barriers to enter or re-enter the workforce is our main mission."

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Chiara Renninger

Wealth Advisor

As a wealth advisor, Chiara helps clients and their families develop, implement and monitor wealth management strategies in pursuit of their financial goals and a stress-free life. She also works with clients to create comprehensive financial plans customized to their specific circumstances, plans that include portfolio management, tax-efficient strategies, advanced planning, retirement analysis and education planning.