December 29, 2020

The 12 Days of Holiday Fraud – Day 10: Travel

We’re closing in on the end of the winter holidays and wrapping up our 12 Days of Holiday Fraud - our version of the holiday classic The 12 Days of Christmas. We’re warning about the top scams that leverage the holiday season to target you and how to avoid falling victim to fraudsters.

“On the tenth day of the holidays, my scammer targeted me with . . .”

DAY 10: Travel

As temperatures drop below freezing, getting away to a sunnier and warmer locale can be a great remedy for the winter blues.

However, when booking travel beware of scams or your vacation will become a staycation.


  • Scammers will create listings for properties that aren’t for rent and, in some cases, don’t even exist. A key tip-off is the combination of extremely low fees, great amenities and a sense of urgency. Example: You’re told “I have someone extremely interested in the property so if you don’t put down a deposit in the next 10 minutes, I will have to let them rent it.”
  • Beware of any trip that sounds too good to be true. Trips to luxurious locations at amazingly low prices are a major red flag. Before booking, do extensive research.
  • A new threat is phony travel insurance that claims to protect your trip if it is impacted by travel restrictions due to COVID-19. When buying travel insurance, be sure you are purchasing it from a licensed company.
  • Do not pay for trips, vacation rentals, etc., by wiring money, or using gift cards or a debit card. It is always best to use a credit card.

Stay tuned for 12 Days of Holiday Fraud – Day 11.

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