Practice-Integrated Wealth Management

Practice-Integrated Wealth Management

As a dentist or healthcare practitioner, the success of your practice is the cornerstone of your financial health. You need a customized, comprehensive plan that thoroughly and thoughtfully integrates your professional and personal goals. At Buckingham, we have advisors who are extraordinarily well-versed in the specific financial needs – and opportunities – unique to you and your practice. And aligning your financial goals with your personal goals is what we pride ourselves on doing for every client.

What you may be thinking:

  • What is the right amount of cash flow to transfer from my practice to my personal life?
  • How can I optimize the profitability of my practice?
  • How can I put a plan in place to effectively transition my practice?
  • How can I be more strategic about how I purchase or lease the equipment my practice needs?

Our Approach

We’ve built a practice integration advisory team to work specifically with you. Gaining a deep understanding of your practice, your professional aspirations and your current financial situation, then designing an all-encompassing wealth management plan to reflect those. From implementing a tailored cash-flow strategy and strategically approaching equipment costs to developing a custom-designed retirement plan and business continuity plan for your practice, we take pride in offering an integrated service like no other. And we’ll partner with the other key professionals in your world (bankers, attorneys, insurance agents, among others), to provide a more holistic view and coordinated approach.

How Buckingham Helps

Specialized Advisors

Meet some of our best minds in Practice-Integrated Wealth Management:

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